Sunday, January 6, 2013

Is it (fail)safe?

I've been doing this elimination diet, the FAILSAFE diet (silly acronym) to kick off the new year, excluding various food chemicals and additives.  And so far I've felt ... terrible!  Which is weird because basically I've been eating really, really healthy.  So it might be caffeine withdrawal (I had a cup of tea this afternoon just to see if that makes a difference), or it might be that I coincidentally caught the flu at the same time.  Or it might be that my body is "detoxing" in which case I guess that's a good thing?

I also cheated this afternoon and had marinara sauce.  I know, living dangerously!  Apparently tomatoes are high in salicylicates, which is one of the major things this diet eliminates.  I think of tomatoes as being a great natural health food, so it's weird to avoid them (along with a lot of other things, like broccoli and salmon), while sugar and wheat flour and milk are all on the OK list.

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  1. I'm waiting in sweaty anticipation for what happened next with the elimination diet, Seestor. Do tell, do tell!