My name is Bess. I’m an attorney by training but now work in product management. I like making stuff. I like understanding how things work (and how things don’t work, and why things work when you didn’t think they would, and vice versa). I studied creative writing in college and have been procrastinating about it ever since.

I consider myself a Millennial, though I’m right on the cusp. I think the true test for being a Millenial whether you wrote school papers using a computer, citing information you found on the internet, and you had a personal email address before you had a driver’s license.

As a grown-up, I’ve developed a deep fascination with health and nutrition. If you haven’t yet read The Big Fat Surprise or Good Calories, Bad Calories, you should. The short version: Stop eating starchy and sugary foods repeatedly every day. It’s really bad for you.